United Way of Sidney Supports
Sidney Food Bank With Donation

United Way Campaign Photo
A DONATION from United Way of Sidney to help the Sidney Food Bank is presented to Carol Hubbard (l.), volunteer by Nancy McLean (r.), a director of the United Way of Sidney.

SIDNEY - Donation to the Sidney Food Bank from the United Way of Sidney will help assure local families that need a little extra help will receive Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets of food.

While the Sidney Food Bank is not one of United Way of Sidney's 16 member agencies, Dennis Porter, a director of the United Way Board, said their organization is more than just a fund raiser for their member agencies. "We want to partner with other groups to,do everything,we can to help the community," said Porter. "These are tough times and we encourage the support of the Sidney.Food Bank and other valuable groups and efforts in our community."

He said there is a real need for donations of food and other types of help to offset the reduction of services provided by the county.

"The United Way of Sidney wants to do everything we can to make this a strong community."

Reprint from The Tri-Town News