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WE NEEED YOUR HELP to meet our 2011 goal.
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Sidney United Way Extends
Campaign to Reach It's Goal

SIDNEY - The Sidney United Way has raised over $25,000 from flood relief donations in 2011. To date, $25,000 of funds collected by the United Way of Sidney have been distributed through the Sidney Community Foundation to help local residents that have unmet needs from the 2011 flood. The remainder of the flood relief funds will be dispersed as soon as possible.

The Sidney United Way will continue accepting donations for the 2011 campaign through January. We have not reached our local campaign goal of $87,350, but with a little more effort and help from each of you we should be able to reach our goal. We started our campaign late this year due to the flood, which delayed our campaign letters and pushed back our in-house campaigns. We have recently sent out letters to past supporters and hope to receive additional donations.

This has been a year of many successes in our ability to help provide the necessary funds to serve the needs of our community, but at this time our job is not done. We still need to raise money to make the budget goal set by the board of directors to be able to fund the programs that our member agencies will provide in 2012. We ask you to send a donation to the Sidney United Way, PO Box 14, Sidney, NY 13838 or go to our website to make a credit card donation. Your help will put us over the top.

Reprint from The Tri-Town News